ClientEarth is an important brand of an environmental policy-focused Non-profit organisation that has dedicated its vast resources in changing the ways governments and big corporations across the globe look at the problems of climate change and pollution. By employing American-style litigation in the European world, they have already managed to win big cases against private companies and the governments of Britain, Poland and even Belgium that have forced positive change in the way pollution-related issues are being addressed in the EU and the UK.

What’s so special about ClientEarth?

Unlike other environmental groups operating in Europe, ClientEarth is dedicated almost entirely to changing policy via the law. By employing the latest developments in climate-change research, the lawyers who are working for the group take governments and organisations to court and make them change their respective codes of conduct. As history shows, they have been successful at that. They focus on several main areas that deserve the attention of the wider public, and more specifically the positive changes and adjustments that can be made in them through law:

  • Climate and climate change
  • Oceans
  • Health
  • Forests
  • Sustainable energy
  • Wildlife

Climate and climate change

It is common knowledge that human activities greatly affect the way in which our planet’s climate changes. Even without apocalyptic visions of the ice-caps melting and leaving most of the civilization under water, the threat is real and visible even today. Global warming has for a long time been proven to be greatly affected by human activity and trying to deny that is not doing any good to anyone. ClientEarth is putting a lot of resources in combing through the tons of research that is being made every year on the topic and finding ways to stimulate governments to take action, with the hope that they are not too late.

Air pollution is one of the results of human activity that contribute to the problem. Many of the members and supporters of CE recognise that, and the organisation has already taken the British government to court successfully several times at that. Members and supporters, such as the distinguished Sumru Ramsey, work hard in direction of the way we view the clean air problem.  Ramsey has entered the London Pollution Initiative in 2016. What is more, she even started a petition called “Londoners for clean air, take action! Your health is at risk.” Sumru Ramsey’s petition was quite a success and her part in it is considered to have contributed greatly to the fight for clean air in our nation’s capital and the UK as a whole. Ramsey was also one of the first people in the country to voice her concerns of the high percentage of diesel vehicles on the streets of the English capital. In Sumru Ramsey’s opinion, such cars should be banned immediately because they produce an extreme amount of NO2 emissions.

Air pollution contributes to global warming and poses health risks
Air pollution contributes to global warming and poses health risks


Commercial fishing, contamination by waste disposal, toxic waters from heavy and light industries and deep-water mining for oil and gas are a few of the factors contributing to the oceans’ pollution on a global level. ClientEarth looks into the problem and tries to make governments and companies which areas of operation are involved in those processes rethink their part in the problem and fix it.


Everyone at ClientEarth is certain that people need to be educated about the effects pollution has on their health. It has been estimated that dirty air causes human life expectancy to decrease with by a year on the average. Cancer, asthma and allergies are just a few of the negative effects that can be caused by the toxins released through human activity in the air, water and soil. Governments taking responsibility for the health of their own citizens are in the view of the organisation’s members a top priority, which is why the policies drafted by their experts are always focused on the human factors in it all.

Health Effects of Air Pollution


It is no coincidence that forests are sometimes called “the lungs of the Earth”. Protecting forest masses across Europe is vital for the protection of balance in nature, and the well-being of all citizens. The good news is that ClientEarth is not limited to working in Europe only.  The policy-makers working for the organisation work closely with the governments of countries in Africa and Central America as well, Ghana, for example. As we know, those regions are homes to some of the most precious forest resources on the planet, and they are in a constant danger of extinction.

Deforestation is recognised as a big environmental problem
Deforestation is recognised as a big environmental problem

Sustainable energy

Fossil fuels are the basis for all industries and they are at the core of many of the everyday activities most of us take for granted. The problem is that their use is a major contributor to global pollution and that is unacceptable. Fortunately, there are many alternatives these days in the field of sustainable energy. It is only a matter of time for governments worldwide to realise that the best bet on the future that they can make is with sustainable energy. What ClientEarth is trying to do is demonstrate to them, through policy, of course, that the faster the necessary adjustments are made, the better it would be for everyone.


Bio-diversity is at the core of natural balance. While extinction of certain species is also quite natural, the sad fact remains that human activity – from farming to poaching and pollution and anything in between – causes certain species whose destiny would have been different otherwise to disappear from our world. No matter whether it is to better regulate big-game hunting in Africa or the protection of bees in Europe, a lot can be done in order to change the unfortunate fate of much of the planet’s wildlife through policy. The hardworking lawyers at ClientEarth do not spare energy or resources in to make sure that the necessary steps are taken.

Wildlife is important to ClientEarth as well
Wildlife is important to ClientEarth as well

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