Every child grows up wishing to become famous one day. This is only normal because every day we witness how successful people behave and look like. It is not just the glamour and the flashiness that we are after. People love being revered for their talents nd this makes them chase popularity like crazy. Being a celebrity looks like a lot of fun but we also need to realise that most of not all of these people have achieved their status by hard work and many compromises during their life. Jessica AlbaOn the other hand once you get to the top an argument can be made that the rules applied to you start diminishing one by one and this is actually a destructive thing to society. The fact that you made a song or a viral video does not mean that you should get away with a speeding ticket. It also must not mean that you can park anywhere you want or cut in line. Regular people, security and officers might often let you get away with stuff like that. As kids see this daily along with the comfort and luxury that surround celebrities, they badly start behaving in a similar fashion expecting fame to simply fall in their lap.

Aim high – that’s it

In all honesty most of the famous people which might be:

  • Artists
  • Singers
  • Actors
  • Directors

Orlando Bloom…really work hard to get to where they are. If you are often shown on TV or the Internet you will need to polish your skills and behaviour and you should really try to improve the product you are offering in order to stay relevant. Many people who are willing to become role models need to attend constant fitness sessions and train hard to develop a body worthy of looking at. We see someone’s muscular structure in a movie and automatically decide that they have been born with such abs or arms. Also people who shoot commercials, movies or videos will tell you that this process can be quite the drag. Actors and directors many times spend 13-14 hours on set and they are also forced to work at 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning. You ought to have impressive levels of stamina if you want to survive such a regime.

Personal life is often a mirage

Another important aspect of being a celebrity is the fact that you need to let go of some of your privacy. Yes, we all want attention but when the public and media chase us all day long and document every step we take and every word we say, it becomes a little bit of a problem. Having paparazzi camping in front of your house can be quite the nerveracking experience and if you do something foolish like going out screaming at them, they will surely spin it so that you look bad at the end.
All that being said, you need to think twice if you have what it takes to become a famous person regardless of the field you wish to operate in. Things can often be deceiving on their looks.

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