The life of celebrities

Jessica Alba

Every child grows up wishing to become famous one day. This is only normal because every day we witness how successful people behave and look like. It is not just the glamour and the flashiness that we are after. People love being revered for their talents nd this makes them chase popularity like crazy. Being […]

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Things you did not know Leonardo Da Vinci influenced

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was a man of many talents. He was a painter, inventor, engineer, mathematician, philosopher and much more. His name is shrouded in legends and his influence on future generations cannot be denied even by the biggest skeptics out there. Even if you are a fan of his life and work, you might […]

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AI Gone Wrong


Some computer scientists say that artificial intelligence is unattainable and cannot work, others say it has already been created but not released to the wider public yet. Despite whether artificial intelligence exists, or should exist, the recent example of Tay – Microsoft’s AI bot demonstrates what artificial intelligence shouldn’t be like. Apparently, Tay an artificially […]

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The British Milkman – An Endangered Species

British Milkman

The gentle clink-clink of glass bottles and the humming of an electric milk float will be quite familiar sounds to many people in Britain. These are indeed the familiar sounds of the milkman – one of the iconic members of British society. Some twenty five years ago, many households still got their milk delivered daily […]

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Car Hacking

Connected Cars

Car hacking is a relatively new phenomenon, faced by the owners of late model vehicles which make use of high technology features like internet connection, Wi-Fi, and computerised control over various systems of the vehicle such as engine, brakes, steering, transmission and electrical/electronic features. The hip word of the day is connected vehicles and trend […]

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Britain’s EU Referendums – the 1975 one


Forty years ago, when Great Britain was voting in its first ever European Economic Community Referendum, things were very different – issues like the Brexit were non-existent, the political and social climate were different, the country itself was different. The referendum held back then was to pledge support and allegiance to the European Community, and […]

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