It is a very well known fact that London is among the most expensive cities in the world. If you are visiting the English capital on a budget, or you live here and are looking for put aside some cash, here are some tips and tricks for eating well in the city without parting with a small fortune.

Do your homework

As a major tourist destination, London has tons of websites dedicated to every aspect of a potential visit to it. So just check a few of those out for tips and recommendations before you actually come to the city. Food blogs might be another good idea. There are travel bloggers and blogs that are focusing exclusively on the cuisine of a certain region they are visiting. They will be more than useful to you.

Special packages

London street foodA dinner and theatre package is something quite usual for London. Thanks to it, you will not only have the chance to fill up your tummy, but also your soul. London is the theatre capital of the world, and it would be a shame for you not to visit one of its famous West End establishments.

Grocery stores

Even if you would rather avoid cooking, many grocery stores around London will help you eat healthy and cheap food. How? Well, many of those actually sell fresh-ready-to-eat products as well as already cooked meals that are much cheaper than at a restaurant. You just need to locate those.

The nearby pub

Most pubs in London have lunch offers that will not only be up to your liking and fill you up with energy for your further exploration of the city, but also not put unnecessary strain on your budget. And you will have the chance to enjoy an authentic British pub experience which is not something to miss.

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